I’m back!

Hello world! I can only apologise for the lack of posts (I mean, what’s 2 years between friends?) but I’m determined to get the blog back up and running with some regular content for my fellow readers.

So, what’s happened in 2 years? Well, a lot actually. I travelled to Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar and Laos on the way back to my beloved Australia; my long-term relationship ended and a new one has begun (hopefully also long-term); I’m on a quest to stay in Australia permanently and am currently undergoing the visa application process; and I’ve moved several times, not including in-between countries. Oh, and I’ve also acquired a cat. Phew! Time really has flown.

Overlooking the temples of Old Bagan, Myanmar

Note: I’ve just got back from a trip home to England for 3 weeks and am currently in my apartment in Brisbane, at 4am, writing this blog post whilst eating Schar Gluten Free Milk Chocolate Nobbles, drinking tea and being shaded by the cat for being up at such an ungodly hour.

Unimpressed with my jetlag. Introducing the cat with no face

Life’s thrown a lot of curveballs in the past two years and I’ve gone along with most of them – sometimes without choice and sometimes with somewhat of a desire for change. Approaching 30 I’m at the point in my life where I’m less phased by blocks in the road and am more open to trying something different. Some of these blocks or curveballs are incredibly sad and difficult to deal with (for example my Grandfather passing away just 2 weeks before I made it back to the UK) but some are also incredibly exciting and are leading to brand new chapters in my life (for example my new relationship). C’est la vie.

Why am I back? Writing a blog is something that I’ve always wanted to do (which can be seen by just how many different blogs I have) but I’m also terrible at finishing things (which can also be seen by just how many different blogs I have *hides face in shame*). One thing that has remained my passion throughout has always been food. If you’ve read the About Me page then you’ll know how my Coeliac diagnosis affected my diet and my lifestyle – mostly for the better. So, I’ll continue to update you with my delicious gluten-free discoveries, recipes and anything else that might be worth writing about. I’m determined to stick at it, keep motivated and treat my body and mind with the respect it so deserves.

Happy reading 😊

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